Bright Now Festival


26-28 Sept 2014



Royal Tropical Institute

The strength of a gentle society

The first Bright Now festival took place at the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam from 26 till 28 of September, 2014.

Central theme of the festival was the strength of a gentle society. Lots of speakers and workshop leaders from various areas in society shared their ideas on what a good human society could look like. Economic transition, sustainability, health and education with heart, head and hands, it was all covered. We met a lot of people not only talking about a different society but actually doing it in their own way. From their heart and soul and with full confidence that a different way is possible!


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Friday: doors open and registration starting 18.00. Start program 19.45.

Saturday and Sunday: doors open & registration starting 8.45. Start program 9.45 uur.

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Note: Some parts of the program will be English-spoken – consult the program schedule to find them.

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(PDF) Latest update: 25 September 2014

How can you contribute to a good human society, with sustainable economy, in connection with yourself, with others and with the earth?

How can you learn in action, work on yourself and your health, in connection with others and with what is needed in society?

Speakers & Workshop leaders

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